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Farmer Eric enjoying a chocolate chip cookie!

If you have even been out to the farm you might have caught a glimpse of Farmer Eric snitching one of our farm fresh cookies from the bakery case.  It’s definitely a daily occurrence, but who can blame him…they are simply irresistible.

 At the heart of French Prairie Gardens lies our farm fresh bakery. My mom Karren has this amazing ability to produce handmade creations. Delicious smells of apple, cinnamon and fresh fruit are always swirling from the kitchen. Trays of fruit scones, muffins, cookies and pies line the bakery case; each is hand-made by Karren, preserving the yummy tastes of the farm.

Our baked goods are available everyday and I can’t imagine my day without one of her delicous treats!

I hope you enjoyed my farm photo of the week! It definitely put a smile on my face.

Farmer Lisa